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Machine Learning Engineer



Software Engineering
Emeryville, CA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Job Description: Analyze failures and deploy improvements to models and robot logic. Build tools to facilitate analysis and improvement. Iterate all aspects of the Brain (models, algorithms, tooling, etc.) to resolve production failures and deliver human-level autonomy. Build tools and analyze highly complex system of robots, models, components and sensors to understand errors and deploy performance improvements. Analyzing robot performance for different errors, understanding their root causes, testing/deploying improvements to production, and building tools to help aid in the analysis. Collaborate closely with research, Software, Hardware, and infrastructure teams to deliver highly reliable robotic applications. Work closely with the Hardware team in station design optimization. Identify throughput bottlenecks in the application and work with the Software team to pinpoint and resolve them. Take experimental models from the research team, test them to validate improvement, and deploy them to solve application problems. Must appear in office 3 days per week; work from home permissible 2 days per week.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science or a related field, and five (5) years of progressive post-baccalaureate experience in Software or Robotics or in the job offered or related role. Alternatively, the employer will accept a Master’s degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science or related field and two (2) years of experience in Software or Robotics or in the job offered or related role. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, experience, or training.

  • Software Engineering to understand codebase and make code changes;
  • Machine Learning to develop models that learn from data;
  • Statistics and Probability to run experiments and evaluate the performance of nondeterministic systems;
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks, such as Rest, Graph Neural Networks, and Multilayer Perceptrons, building deep learning models and Convolutional Neural Networks to incorporate into company’s software;
  • Compilers and Programming Languages such as Pytorch, Tensorflow, and Numpy, to debug problems in graph-based frameworks;
  • Develop scoring algorithms to solve robotics problems and plan algorithms such as CMA-ES to control its motion; and
  • .Programming Systems such as distributed file system on Amazon S3 and programming hardware components such as conveyers, sorters, lifts, light curtains and sensors to debug problems related to file systems.
Please submit resume with REQ #7448089.